Moc Sneaker


Handcrafted Moc Sneakers

  • Soft Heavy Suede Uppers
  • Soft Heavy Suede and Natural Latex Foam Footbed
  • 360 stitched Rubber Outsole
  • Filled with Natural Cork to preserve temperature 
  • Fair Payment to workers
  • Entirely Hand Crafted

Note: This Sneakers fit True to Size. IF YOU WEAR BETWEEN SIZES LIKE 9.5 WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU TO SELECT 9. The sneakers process will take up to 3 days to be shipped. SHIPPING FROM MEXICO. Free of import taxes for USA & Canada, European Union, Israel, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Australia and Japan. if your Country is not listed import fees may be applied, unfortunately we cannot be responsible for those fees. 

S-M sizing equals to US 8-9  and M-L 10-11 this shoes have a snug fit to mold to users foot.