The art of man made embroidery

The art of man made embroidery - Unmarked

Toe bugs are the fancy stitching or medallions that dress up a boot toe. Often bootmaker wil choose one design and stick with it throughout their career. It acts as a signature and can identify the boot to others even without the wearer liftin' their cuff.
But it has also a functional use, this is used on certain leathers to help the boot break over properly. Sometimes it surrounds cording that is sewn into the vamp for more support, or looks.

 It's made by hand by our skilled stitcher Raul in the traditional way.

Most of this kind of embroidery is made by computer these days, sure it's faster, but we prefer to preserve the artisanal ways that make this kind of work a unique thing. 

The process starts pouring chalk over the vamp to guide the needle, the stitching needs to be very precise and also take care not to erase the chalk with the hand. 

After the embroidery is finished, a thin rope is placed in the back of the embroidery to make a more pronounced surface on the vamp.



We use multicolor stitching as our Signature, each colored thread represents the wonderful color palette of Mexico.

Since ancient times, this land has had a love affair with polychromy.
It is enough to remember the feather art, the use of the grana cochineal in codices, fabrics, ceramics, murals and temples; the use of masks that cover the faces of those who participate in religious festivals as well as in pagan ones.

Also that peculiar yellow with which the Magical and Yucatecan Town of Izamal was uniformed. And the Mexican pink, purple, brown, royal blue and cobalt that are also present in little houses with roofs, in various towns; than in the architectural work of greats like Luis Barragán.

All this translated into our designs in a single multicolored thread to reaffirm our love for Mexico.

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sonali kapoor March 21 2017

Embroidery is everywhere now, coming out of runway to the street it has made a great fashion trend this year. I saw embroidery on shoes, dresses, jackets and T-shirts, on Roposo the bloggers are slaying this trend. Get serious fashion goals and inspiration!

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