About Us


          Founded in  2011  Unmarked started with the purpose of recovering the best Mexican traditions in hand made Footwear. 

The fusion of heritage techniques with contemporary approaches of functionality and aesthetics is the essence of Unmarked vision and design. 

The Name

Markedness is a special kind of asymmetry where marked and unmarked terms exist. In the social sciences more broadly, markedness is used to distinguish two meanings of the same term, where one is common usage (unmarked sense) and the other is specialized to a cultural context (marked sense), unmarked objects, things,  are our inspiration, objects with no mark that will last for years.

The Workshop 

Our Workshop is located in the heart of Mexico, a 1958 Warehouse with the right vibe to create contemporary products using antique machinery and the best skilled craftsmanship. Some tools and machines are dated from 1920's.!

We design and make the shoes in our Workshop, if you want to take a tour to the Workshop please write us to info@unmarked.mx to make an appointment.