What's in our shoes?

Crafted with the meticulous Goodyearwelt technique and painstaking attention to detail, our leather shoes endure a 200-step process, ensuring their longevity for up to two decades.


Every silhouette we launch showcases our distinctive design, innovative materials, and breakthrough building techniques.ch.


Crafted by skilled leather artisans, each piece is meticulously sewn by hand, turning high quality raw leather into stylish and fashionable shoes and boots that will mold to your feet with wear.


Est. 2011

Our Products

Our passion lies in crafting hand-made footwear. Boots, shoes, and sneakers are at the heart of what we do. But our vision and mission of Rethink Heritage have driven us to create and innovate all types of pieces.

Our Goodyearwelt boots are incredibly durable, with a long lifespan and the option to resole. When you invest in a pair of Unmarked Goodyearwelt shoes, they will endure for years with proper care!

Our Goodyearwelt boots are meticulously crafted using an anatomic last, ensuring a flawless fit for the wearer. With our innovative arch support, every step is effortlessly controlled, minimizing fatigue. Welcome to the world of 'Motion Control'.

All our Goodyearwelt boots and shoes are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, one pair at a time. As a result of this intricate process, each item boasts a subtle uniqueness, ensuring that no two pieces of leather are alike. Every stitch is one-of-a-kind, that's why all our products are unparalleled and they are released exclusively in limited quantities. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever.

Our products evolve with life. Our models are constantly changing and are an integral part of a continuous process to reimagine concepts such as comfort, style, adaptability, design, functionality, and heritage.

Every new collection embodies a unique blend of Unmarked's philosophy, meticulously handcrafted for the discerning connoisseur.