Sizing Inquiries

Custom Made?

Our production works with “on-demand” that´s mean we only produce the number of shoes we’re going to sell.

That also means that each pair is made just for you.

Each style process will take up to 15-21 days to be shipped, so once you receive them, we understand that it is very important that the fitting is perfect.

Buying footwear online is always a challenge. When we talk to people online, over email or on the phone, our number one priority is making sure you have all the necessary information at our disposal to help get you in the right size.

Here are some TIPS to choose the perfect size:

Please reach out to or via whatsapp: +52 479 145 80 63 answering the following questions and we'll answer you within 48 Hrs.

1-What size do you usually wear?

2-What are the measurements of both feet? Length and width -> please check this guide and learn how to measure them.

3-What brand do you wear and what size?

4-Do you consider your instep to be tall or wide?

5-Do you suffer from any orthopedic problem? Which?

6-Do you use special insole?


Unmarked has partnered with Grayle, a community-based platform that helps you find shoes that fit. We encourage you to join the community and share as much information as possible about the shoes you own. Once you’ve registered, our team can reference your shoe information via your Grayle username - be sure to include it when you contact us.

Register for Grayle here.