How to wear Jodhpur Boots this Summer

How to wear Jodhpur Boots this Summer - Unmarked

Summer Boots with a twist. 

Jodhpur boots are a classic shoe closet staple, like most boots, Jodhpurs have its origins in horse and riding culture, being developed for riding after the ‘invention ‘of the Jodhpur trousers in India. 

It may have been used for walking around paddocks or other facilities associated with riding, polo, and similar activities. When it came time to ride, though, the person would simply change into a boot with a taller shaft. 

As the decades passed, the boot became more popular on the street. 


Our version maintains the unique characteristics that distinguish these boots, two parts each made from a single piece of leather, the vamp and the quarters, a strap and buckle that wrap around the ankle, a low heel and a 270 degree welt with a vegetable tanned leather outsole and half rubber sole from Bilbo.

How to wear them this summer?

They will work very well with slim (read: not skinny) dark wash denim or casual chinos and a favorite fitted T-shirt. Also, you can consider light wash denim, a flannel, and some dark suede boots.

We would, though, suggest avoiding shorts. 

The history of Jodhpur boots is interesting- but complicated. They were likely developed for horse culture, but have made their way onto the city streets. 

Even with an equestrian heritage, they still have their place in today's business and casual work. Consider them with casual suits or patterned blazers. Or, pair them with some fitted denim on the weekend. 

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