The Lechugilla Ixtle, a superior Plant fiber made from Agave Plant

The Lechugilla Ixtle, a superior Plant fiber made from Agave Plant - Unmarked

The lechuguilla Ixtle, also known by the trade name Tampico fiber, is a material extracted from the lechuguilla agave plant, a species of agavacea native to the Central Table of Mexico, and used for millennia throughout northern Mexico.

The indigenous natives used this material to dress and to make objects that helped them in their subsistence activities such as hunting and gathering.

The knowledge of the extraction and transformation of these fibers was transmitted for generations in our territory, through the trade that we know today as jarciería, dedicated to the transformation of vegetable fibers.

Jarciería has reached a critical point due to the introduction of plastic in the market.

In Mina, Nuevo León, there are currently a few people who continue to practice the trade, which involves the harvesting of the plant, the extraction and treatment of the fibers, even the manufacture of objects.

Used in Manufacture

The lechuguilla Ixtle is used in the manufacture of brushes for industrial and domestic uses.

It has the property of not producing static electricity that adheres the dust, which makes it superior to other hard fibers.

It is extremely resistant.

Perfect for footwear

The properties of sustainability and strength made it the perfect material for footwear.

We´ve developed a sandal made of Ixtle, Vegetable Tanned leather, the Footbed of these sandals is produced with natural cork and natural latex, covered with a soft suede lining to ensure comfort, the sandal is also complemented with a Vibram outsole to ensure durability.

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