The art of man made embroidery April 30, 2015 09:55 1 Comment

The western embroidery has its origin on the classic western boots, It was used at the beginning to make a difference among the wearers. In Mexico this is a very popular way to embellish a boot, it's made by hand by our skilled stitcher Raul in the traditional way. Most of this kind of embroidery is made by computer this days, sure it's faster, but we prefer to preserve the artisanal ways that make this kind of work a unique thing. 

The process starts pouring chalk over the vamp to guide the needle, the stitching needs to bee very precise and also take care of not to erase the chalk with the hand. 

After the embroidery is finished, a thin rope is placed in the back of the embroidery to make a more pronounced surface on the vamp.