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Our belief in sustainable and ethically made products has led us to develop a shoe made entirely of natural materials. In our research and experience with shoemaking we've found that Leather is one of the most sustainable and durable materials. Our leather is obtained as a secondary material from the food industry, and is tanned in pits with natural bark making it extremely durable. 

The upper of the shoe is made completely chemically free. The insole and footbed are also vegetable tanned leather, ridding it of any environmentally harsh practices. 

Here's a little description of the shoemaking process for this all natural style. 

Once we cut the 3mm thick leather, all parts of the shoe are stitched together to form the upper. We last the upper by hand and let the shoes rest and stretch for 72 hours creating a firm shape only found with handmade footwear. Then we attach a midsole made of natural plantation crepe and stitch it to the insole and upper of the shoe making them one. As we add more crepe to the midsole, this creates a durable and practically impossible to tear base of the shoe. The excess of the outsole is trimmed and sanded by hand, (the trimmed remains and the dust is recycled to make more outsole or adhesive). We then clean and pack the shoes in recycled cardboard boxes. 

The whole process takes more than 5 days of production from cutting to packaging. Making a truly handcrafted pair of shoes with natural materials takes time and patience, but we know that it will last much longer than a mass produced, and environmentally harsh built shoe. Did we mention that these shoes can be resoled?!! The patina you will build will last for years to come! And once the shoes life comes to an end, it will degrade naturally because of the natural materials we used to from the beginning. 

Thoughts on our process? We would love to hear your opinion. Please comment below or send us an email to 

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